Welcome to my new blog, A Happy Flower.

Some of you may know that I have struggled with depression for years. In the Spring, I finally took myself to the doctor and asked for medication. Those of you prey to the Black Dog will know his evil wiles, one of which is to trick depressed people into thinking our illness is our own fault. That we are just sad. That we ‘should’ be able to pull ourselves out of it. That we’re a failure if we don’t. And so winds the ever decreasing circle …

Medication and the, quite frankly, life-saving support of some lovely people has broken the circle and started me on a new path. One that leads towards a sunnier horizon. One where drifts of flowers occasionally mark my way to a happier life. They were always there, I just didn’t see them.

This blog is intended to document, celebrate and, occasionally, lament the twists and turns of the journey along my path. Walk with me as you wish …


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